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Black Hat Presentation and Tools Release

August 6, 2006

Mark and Dave at Black HatWe spoke at the Black Hat Briefings this past week in Las Vegas on “Hacking VoIP Exposed”. In coordination with our presentation (available in pdf format 2.3MB), we released on Wednesday a plethora of new VoIP security tools that we wrote for our book. We even demonstrated many of them in our talk against a simple VoIP testbed running Asterisk and a few IP phones There’s been quite a bit of press interest, a few stories of we listed below:

BusinessWeek, Security Threats Come A-Callin’
CNET, New tools test VoIP security
InfoWorld, BH Briefings begins with 10 years under its belt
The Register, VoIP Hacking Exposed
Networking Pipeline, VoIP-Hacking Toolkit Hits The Net
SearchSecurity, Cisco coping with more BH revelations
Blue Box Podcast, Black Hat super-sized edition
VON Magazine, Free Web Security Tools (Really)

Cisco even released a security advisory in response to a technique we demonstrated in our talk to brute force valid SIP phone extensions.

Thanks to everyone who attended our talk and has since dropped us a line with feedback.The crowd at our Black Hat Talk